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There should be a way to assess the quality and impact of international real estate deals. Not knowing means you either invest uncomfortably and risk fraud or no impact, or you sit on the sidelines. We help you become comfortable with the deals that you are saying yes to as well as the ones you should say no to. The end result is that you are confident you are reaching your financial and spiritual impact goals.


Our proprietary assessment process analyzes potential faith-driven real estate deals and provides you with the confidence to move forward according to your goals.  


Our expertise and network spans the globe, and we have actively assessed deals in the US, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Work with Developers


As a developer looking to serve your community and attain attractive returns, and with a heart for helping others, it can be frustrating discovering what investors are looking for. We work alongside developers to connect them to willing investors who are aligned with their financial and impact goals.

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