Our Global Projects


Why Belfast?


Our first project is in Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), supporting local developers to remove the stain of the forty-year long war of the troubles.  We are working with a local developer to convert a former paramilitary headquarters into multifamily housing, with a live-in Apartment Life coordinator. Lighthouse is excited to partner with Apartment Life to launch the leading US multifamily housing ministry into the global market.

Where there was once darkness and strife, there will be hope, prosperity and a place for faith and community to flourish. 


Target Countries


Image by Lucas Sandor


  • Romania, located in the southeastern region of Europe was a communist country under the rule of Nicolae Caesuscus until 1989 before the regime was overthrown. 

  • Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007. 


Why we are interested in Romania

  • Lighthouse seeks to bring the light of Christ into a country that although orthodox Christian, shows signs of missing a true relationship with Christ.

  • There is an opportunity to bring prosperity to communities that may still be marred by the leader dictatorship only three decades ago.

Local Projects

  • We are in discussions with a local developer about large-scale planned developments, which include hundreds of houses and apartments, we are also considering replicating this model in various cities across the country. Where this developer is already building, the community is seeing significant improvements as their high-quality build is forcing other developers to raise their standards as well.



  • Indonesia, located in southeast Asia has a population of 270 million+ with 89% of the country of the Islamic faith.

  • Indonesia has become increasingly globally integrated over the past half-century, with its ratio of trade to GDP rising from 30 percent in 1970 to 60 percent in the 2000s. 

Why we are interested in Indonesia

  • Indonesia is an interesting location for Lighthouse as it boasts strong economic growth.

  • In the last 60 years, 6.5 million Indonesian Muslims have converted to Christianity. 

  • Largest Muslim population in the world.

  • We want to continue to bring more people to Christ in a country that is seeking the truth of the gospel.


Local projects

  • We have a deep love and appreciation for Indonesia via Sovereign's Capital. We are in discussion with a developer about the exciting opportunities that Lighthouse could participate in faith led real estate in a Muslim country

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Image by Mustafa Omar


  • Kenya, located in Eastern Africa has a population of 54 million people and 85% of the population are Christians. 

  • Kenya is one of the fastest-growing Sub-Saharan countries in Africa with economic growth at 5.7%.  

Why we are interested in Kenya

  • Kenya has a need for affordable housing with only 2% of the homes built in Kenya targeting this need. 

  • Affordable housing deficit of two million units, with nearly 61% of urban households living in slums. 

  • Kenya has the most developed faith driven investor/entrepreneur ecosystem in Africa, and we are excited to participate in Kenya financial and spiritual growth.

Local projects

  • We are actively looking at multiple multifamily projects, those focused on the affordable sector and those focused on other sectors. We expect to see an even wider variety of deals in the future via our deep relationships in the country.



  • Israel has a population of 8.6 million people and home to the Holy Land which is sacred to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, and Baha’is. 

  • Only 2% of the population are Christians although it is the birthplace of Christianity. 

Why we are interested in Israel

  • Great opportunity to reach those in a country of central importance to the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths.

  • Israel is a highly advanced free-market that births the most start-ups per capita in the world.

Local projects

  • We are in discussion with the leaders of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel and looking at real estate options such as co-working spaces.

Ancient Ruins


Rio de Janeiro


  • Brazil, located in South America has a population of 212 million people. 

  • Brazil is the largest country in both South and Latin America.

  • Christianity is the most dominant religion in Brazil with Catholicism being the most adherent. 

Why we are interested in Brazil

  • Brazil is the tenth-largest economy in the world.

  • The great need for workforce housing and fulfil a need for workers for Christ.

Local projects

  • Brazilian faith-driven ecosystem is rapidly growing and we’re excited to ensure that real estate is a key part of its development. We are in discussions with friends on the ground about where they see the best future opportunities in real estate.



  • Mexico, located in the southern region of North America and home to 129 million people.

  • Economic growth. Fastest rising GDP.


Why we are interested in Mexico

  •  Mexico is a land of incredibly geographical and economical diversity and beauty, with significant economic and criminal challenges. When local priests denounce criminal activity they can face threats and even death. In the United States, immigrants (many from Mexico) are often vilified. We feel a call to love our neighbours, and investment is a tangible way to show that love. 

Local projects

  • We are reviewing and actively seeking people doing property development in Mexico, including creating new technologies, such as 3-D printing of homes. 


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