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The Four Part Gospel

In his interview on the FDI podcast, Luke Roush, co-founder of Sovereign’s Capital, discusses how Sovereign’s Capital sought to prove that biblical values and good business principles coincide rather than come at the expense of one another. One of the many interesting points Luke addressed was the idea of cultural change agents and the four part gospel. Here is the traditional two part gospel:

Part 1: We are flawed and sinful people.

Part 2: Jesus came to save us and reconcile us to God.

In contrast, the four part gospel:

Part 1: God created the world and declared it good. It brought God pleasure.

Part 2. The world was broken through the Fall. We became flawed and sinful people.

Part 3. Jesus came to save us and reconcile us to God. He enlists us for God’s work.

Part 4. God is actively working to make all things new again. His work will culminate in the arrival of the New Heavens and New Earth as described in Revelation.

In His abounding grace and affection, God invites us to partner with Him as co-creators and change agents in the world. In other words, “we help bring heaven to earth in our attitudes and actions, our words and ways” (Harry Lucenay). One of the many ways Sovereign’s Capital accomplishes this is by continually reminding entrepreneurs, leaders of companies, and CEO’s of their true identity as children of the King as they serve as change agents and cultivators in culture. Sovereign’s Capital is a great example of bringing transformation here on earth, now, as they invest in companies that are sharing God’s love in their communities.

Similarly, building physical communities where people thrive emotionally and spiritually is a tangible way we can bring heaven to earth. For example, picture an apartment complex in Nairobi where residents are supported by a local church and learn theories of investing. Or, community coworking in your neighborhood, where you sit for lunch next to the local pastor. Finally, the redevelopment of a former pub used as a paramilitary headquarters and where torture took place at this very location, only to be transformed into multifamily housing filled with thriving residents who are well loved and supported. Lighthouse’s mission is to help global investors demonstrate love via real estate investments like these across the world.

Thank you God for the privilege of partnering with You in the renewal of all things. Thank you for allowing us to be co-creators with you. We ask that as you have sent your Son as a light unto the world (John 8:12), You would bring light to the darkness through Lighthouse. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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