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The FDI Conference: A Whirlwind Six Hours

What a great joy to join the Faith Driven Investor Conference last September 23. It was a blessing and an honor to hear from a variety of talented, Spirit-led speakers including: Henry Kaestner, Luke Roush, Pete Kelly, Efosa Ojomo, Aimee Minnich at Impact Foundation and Mark Sears at Cloud Factory.

What stood out? First, the fact that we had almost 2,000 people registered, consisting of a large variety of attendees and some new faces. In addition, we heard from a variety of attendees covering tremendous topics from supporting entrepreneurs of color to how we can use social impact bonds. To see investors focused on helping entrepreneurs all over the world was truly something to behold. It’s beautiful to see how God uses the body of Christ to help one another.

While reflecting on my experience at the FDI conference, thoughts from two speakers in particular come to mind. First, Co-Founder of Impact Foundation, Aimee Minnich. Aimee spoke on the principle of gleaning and what it means for us today. She helped us to consider the idea of not gathering every last kernel in your field while challenging us to think about how gleaning applies today.

Likewise, I was intrigued by Efosa Ojomo, the co-author of the Prosperity Paradox.

One of the reasons I was struck by Efosa’s commentary was because at Lighthouse, we look at investing overseas and Efosa discussed the calling of Christians to invest into poor and corrupt nations. He said that yes, we are called to invest into “poor and corrupt” nations (not necessarily blindly, I’m sure). After all, isn’t that what Christ did for us…

Those who shared wisdom at this year’s FDI Conference left me with much to consider. What does it mean to glean in today’s society? How and when do we invest into “poor and corrupt” nations? And also, what does it mean from a spiritual perspective to note that a nation is known as “corrupt” when we are aware of our own failings in our own lives, when we are ourselves not worthy of the great love that has been shown to us…

Thank you God for the fellowship of men and women coming together at the FDI conference. Thank you for the leadership of the conference and that we are all part of Your body. Please give us wisdom in stewarding our resources wisely and supporting economic, spiritual and emotional health and justice throughout the world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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