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Introducing Lighthouse

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Faith, community and finance are the focus of Lighthouse. Those words can be both powerful and also amorphous, so broad to be perhaps almost meaningless. This is what these words mean to us:

Faith – We seek to provide excellent faith driven real estate opportunities around the world. Investments where people are demonstrably loved and have the occasion to see that God loves them. We pray that Lighthouse is God’s, and that He builds it as He sees fit. We are privileged and thrilled to be co-creators with Him as we launch and grow Lighthouse, just as we are in our personal lives.

Community – We believe that we are created to be in community, and that we thrive, are healthier emotionally, spiritually and even physically when we are in some sort of community, loved with our imperfections. We seek to invest in physical places where community is being created; whether in a large housing development, a group of ten houses, an office complex or an RV park.

Finance – We believe that we must be wise with our investing. Using the resources that we have been fortunate enough to control, we seek excellent returns. We do not believe that there is always a trade-off between impact and financial returns, and that sometimes the opposite is true – higher impact and purpose can improve returns.

Many investors around the world invest in real estate. Many global investors desire to also have impact with their investment. They are stewarding their capital and investing and looking to solve difficult issues- how do I diligence an investment overseas? How do I think about currency risk? What investment is truly needed in Kenya vs Vietnam? Do I have to accept a lower return for this impact?

After living overseas for ten years, working on major transactions across more than 14 different countries, I sensed a desire to use my business skills in combination with both strong financial returns and significant impact. The impact investment space was rapidly expanding, and I went on a journey, studying US-based social enterprises and starting business plan competitions in Rwanda and Cambodia. During my journey (literally, in Malaysia), I met with Luke Roush, one of the co-founders of Sovereign’s Capital. I have had the privilege to be a Venture Partner with Sovereign’s Capital and get to know Luke and Henry Kaestner for 7+ years now.

The Faith Driven movement that Henry and Justin Forman have launched pushed me to consider the different skills and experiences that I had, along with the needs in the market. Chats with attendees at the Christian Economic Forum helped solidify the need and my love of the international faith driven real estate space.

How can I come alongside global real estate investors and help them on their journey as they seek the strongest deals, with significant impact, around the world? And that is my goal – and Lighthouse’s goal – to walk with investors, to encourage and work with local developers, and to love local people – with excellence.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love of us and in our lives. We acknowledge and bow down before you as the Great Creator. Thank you for allowing us to be co-creators with you. We ask that as you have sent your Son as a light unto the world (John 8:12), You would bring light to the darkness through Lighthouse. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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