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Happy New Year!

A happy new year to everyone. And for those who celebrate Lunar New Year, as my pastor in Hong Kong used to say, you have the chance to set new year’s resolutions and then reset them again when Lunar (aka Chinese) New Year rolls around on February 12.

Health and time. I was recently at a conference where the speaker said that these two items are the two things that we are given by God, and that we mess around with and don’t take care of until it is too late. Let that sink in for a minute. (Well, he didn’t use the term “mess around”, it was a wee bit stronger…) In the spirit of the new year, I will be continuing a path began in 2020, of being intentional about my health (and the energy it brings) and my time- where I focus it, who I purposefully seek to learn from and be in community with, and how I build a business and serve others. May we all consider how we use, build, or rebuild, our health and time in 2021.

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