The Lighthouse team is proud to be a part of the Faith Driven Investing movement.  We see international real estate as a key component of spiritual and financial returns around the world.

The FDI Movement is about a holistic approach to investing that doesn’t limit itself to particular tools (e.g. negative screening, allocation to impact) but instead asks the core question of what it means, in the context I’m in, to be faithful - to be driven by my faith.

Apartment Life

We will adopt the Faith-Driven Investing model through a formal relationship with Apartment Life.

This beachhead for Apartment Life in Europe presents the ideal base from which to expand to Dublin and London, as well as the rest of the UK and Europe.

Apartment Life helps apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in relationships. This, in turn, helps improve the community's financial performance through online reputation, resident satisfaction, and resident data. 

Developer- Cornerstone

Cornerstone is led by strong believers and seeks to impact and transform the community. Established in 2014 as a construction and property management company, and has gone on to specialize in property development.

The team is led by Daniel Jackson, an experienced chartered construction professional with over 12 years of experience in construction management who has worked on a wide range of projects across the UK and internationally.

Particular expertise in sourcing development opportunities. He is also the incoming Chairman of CBMC Belfast (Christian business people). Cornerstone has established partnerships in place with key architects, quantity surveyors and estate agents.

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