Welcome address from our founder, Russell.
Russell Bjorkman

Professional Experience

  • Venture Partner, Sovereign’s Capital

  • Active real estate investor in multifamily and other projects (10+ investments)

  • Former advisor to UK-based real estate firm, which advised on more than $1B of deals

  • UK citizen practiced law in the UK and Hong Kong for ten years

  • Co-head of Real estate solution group, Faith Driven Investor

  • Head of International real estate investments, AMDG Capital (Kaestner + other families family office)


  • JD/MBA University of Pennsylvania/Wharton

  • BS/BA University of Southern California

Excited about Lighthouse opportunity

After living in London and Hong Kong for ten years and having had the privilege to work on transactions all over the world, in more than 20 different countries, I made the decision to leave corporate law and engage in my ultimate passion, business. I had been able to significantly work in the business world over ten years, since graduating with an MBA from Wharton, via digging into the meat of companies as they raised capital via IPO, or sought to buy other companies, but my true heart lay in the business world.


My strategic advisory work for a European real estate investment firm (responsible for $1bn+ of real estate transactions), my personal real estate investing over a decade (20+ funds and individual deals) and my work as a venture partner with Sovereign’s Capital (8 years), all confirmed that the marriage of real estate and spiritual impact is where I felt that there was a need that met my calling.  


How can we serve people where they live and work? But what does “where they live” mean? It means - where they wake up on the wrong side of the bed and argue with their wife on the way out the door. It means where they pray on their knees when their child is sick. It means where they sit at their desk, mad that the person next to them just got promoted and they did not.  The real estate space is a truly unique space, that offers financial incentives and rewards when done well, and a tremendous opportunity to love people and have impact in their lives at the same time.  And from this personal journey and this desire to serve, Lighthouse was born.