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We help
asset-rich and cash-poor churches thrive

Explainer Video

ReImagine impact of using your assets

ReEquip your team to serve your community

ReCapitalize your property 

​We guide you through how to prayerfully use your real estate to sustainably fund your impact.

Real estate is your biggest financial asset, but:

You don’t want to be taken advantage of by local developers.

Be so worried about how to use your property that you are distracted from shepherding your flock. 

Stuck in the endless cycle of discussions and no action

Let Lighthouse guide you through the best use of your real estate (your buried talent).

The Lighthouse Process

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What does church and loving your community well look like for the next 100 years?

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Help train your team for God's vision and bring new people in if needed

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Assess the true value of your real estate assets and the best funding options for your impact goals 

Sustainably fund your church and impact plan with confidence.

Our complete ReImagine, ReEquip, and ReCapitalize system walks your team through a complete assessment of your impact and spiritual goals and how your real estate can support your goals. 

Our focused ReCapitalize assessment gives you confidence that you are taking the best path forward for the goals you have already determined. 

The end result is that you are confident in your plan for impact and how you can use your real estate to fund your plan.

The Importance of acting now



Over 4,000 churches will close this year in the US alone.

Many of these churches will be foreclosed on with property values of more than $2million but a spiritually dry and declining congregation. 



The Catholic church is the single largest landholder in the world.

Many Protestant denominations have underused properties in the city center.


is critical 

The 2009 housing crash resulted in the largest real estate decline in US history. Acting now and ensuring your future before another potential decline is critical.



Our founder co-leads the Faith Driven Real Estate solutions group. The Faith Driven movement gathers 1 million Christ-following entrepreneurs & investors across the world

Our Services

Complete ReImagine, ReEquip and ReCapitalize system

  • 9mos - 2years

  • Ensure your team is aligned around your impact goals

  • Help you get the right people on your team

  • Activate your real estate to fund your vision

Focused ReCapitalize Assessment

  • 3mos-1yr 

  • Assess your current real estate 

  • Develop a specific plan to activate your real estate to fund your vision 

  • Put that plan into action

You don’t need to have it all figured out. 

We can run the process from where you are- the “Where do we start” phase through the “We are ready to implement our plan” phase. 

However, Lighthouse only works with churches that are ready to take action.

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