Helping You Create Financial and Spiritual Value Through Real Estate

Did you know real estate is the 4th largest asset class in the world? And yet, most investors and charities are not confident in how to assess both financial returns and spiritual impact.


When we work together, we will:

  • Understand your financial return and spiritual impact goals and focus, and help you develop these if unclear

  • Diligence deals you already see, and bring you the best in class global deals 

The end result is you feeling confident in your investment decisions, financial goals and spiritual impact. 


Play the video to learn about a project we did in Ireland

Lighthouse Sizzle Real
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White House on the Beach

Our Vision


We chose the name Lighthouse because we humbly seek to present opportunities that serve as a beacon in the global community and bring the light of Christ to the world, through our investment opportunities.

Our first project is in Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), supporting local developers to remove the stain of the forty-year long war of the troubles. We are working with a local developer to convert a former paramilitary headquarters into multifamily housing, with a live-in Apartment Life coordinator. Furthermore, Lighthouse is excited to partner with Apartment Life to launch the leading US multifamily housing ministry into the global market.

Global Projects 

Below is a map of countries where we are currently operating or have plans to in the near future. We want lighthouse to reach the world and it starts with one place at a time...

How it Works


Call or email to book a FREE consultation. We will use this time to get to know about your plans and identify a deal that best suits your situation. 


Establish fees; agree on terms and conditions. Begin working on deal.


Generate financial & spiritual returns via real estate property. A successful deal through our framework is one that makes you money and helps foster a positive impact on a community.



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Russell Bjorkman 


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